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Welcome to the Alopecia Areata Marketplace — an online shop featuring the latest products and accessories designed for people with partial or total hairloss.

Shop for hairpieces, scarves and hats, books, videos, and cosmetic alternatives, without ever leaving your home.

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Spotlight On Daroko’s Fresh Wigs Drying Unit


The inventor of the Fresh Wigs Drying Unit, Roi Korach, mechanical-engineer-turned-hairdresser thought that there must be a better and faster way to dry wigs. He created a prototype that allowed air to be distributed equally from the inside of the wig when using an everyday blow dryer. And that’s how the Fresh Wigs Drying Unit was born.

The scalp area has many little holes evenly spread out to allow the air to circulate and dry the wig safely and quickly. In a matter of minutes, the wig net and roots will start to dry and then, depending on the hair length, the hair continues to dry to its full length. With the Fresh Wigs Drying Unit your wig can be washed, dried, and ready to wear in under half an hour! Heat styling can seriously damage a wig, but this drying unit is intended to quickly disperses air from a hairdryer set to “cold,’ thereby maintaining the life of your wig and saving you money by delaying the need to repurchase expensive wig replacements.

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Clothing, Books & Music

Boldly Bald Women

"Her hair falls out. Shock paralyzes her. Horror floods her system.  Who is she? She may be you. She may be your wife, your lover, your friend, someone at work, at church, at school....." 

 Boldly Bald Women, a newly released Amazon Best Seller, is a tapestry of real women living a boldly bald lifestyle in a hair addicted society. Their stories will pull at your heart strings…bring you to tears…make you laugh. They will teach and uplift you. Most of all they will change your perspective of bald women forever.

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Head-On Stories of Alopecia

This collection of personal narratives follows the courageous journeys of over 75 writers as they find their way after being diagnosed with alopecia areata. Their discovery of acceptance, adaptability, and finally celebration are intertwined in these thought-provoking inspiring stories and captivating photos.

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It’s Only Hair

“It’s Only Hair” is a humorous, self-help book which deals with not only the clinical aspects of hair loss, but most importantly, the psychological impact of hair loss. Included in the book are poignant personal stories from others who have lost their hair, practical tips on makeup and headwear, as well as insightful and uplifting lessons in coping for men, women, and children. 

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The Hairless Sphynx Cats

Bella and Gizmo’s Adventures is a series of inspirational children’s stories written by Jodi Pliszka which encourage children who experience hairloss for whatever reason to accept themselves as they are: unique and wonderful.

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