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Advance research

Your participation in the Alopecia Areata Registry, Biobank & Clinical Trials Network helps advance our research to better understand alopecia areata and develop safe and effective treatments.

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Build resilience

Learn more about common reactions your child may have to alopecia areata and get resources to help him or her have positive experiences at school and with friends.

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Find support

There’s strength in numbers. NAAF’s national network of support groups and phone contacts offer another way to create a sense of community — no matter where you live.

Get advice

Get tips and advice for women and men — like applying makeup, shaving your scalp and caring for synthetic and natural hairpieces — that have been found useful by people who have alopecia areata.


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Shop for products and accessories

Find eyelashes, eyebrows, hairpieces, scarves and hats to help cover bare patches or address total hair loss. You can also find supportive books written by others with alopecia areata here. When you shop the vendors in our Alopecia Areata Marketplace, just mention "NAAF" each time at checkout and they’ll donate 10% of your purchase to NAAF.

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Imagine a world without alopecia areata

NAAF’s Alopecia Areata Treatment Development Program (TDP) was launched with one bold vision: to create a world without alopecia areata. This program brings together the alopecia areata community of scientists, doctors, government agencies, patients, and patient advocacy organizations at yearly gatherings in an effort to speed up and improve research toward safe, effective, and affordable treatments for the millions of people just like you who live with alopecia areata.